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If you go back and read all the stuff (sifting out the BS), basically Dean Smith (Circa 1992) visited or studies the Kansas equivalent of AFAM. So, contrary to all the popular thinking…AFAM was a Midwest (HIGH Minority state….RIGHT) “THINGEY”. Wonder WHY they installed it. Dean was SO impressed that he started a movement (like the Alice’s Restaurant Movement in 1967). Dean then got his chief henchperson, Johnny “I’ll do WHATEVER it takes” Swofford to be the point person. THEN it got installed.

I am a LITTLE vague on the organizational structure and when Julius was the Head Dog. BUT, he and Ms. Deborah “I got a UNC BB Player for a BF” Crowder then started to “REFINE IT”.

Don’t really know how much Dean knew and like RR, he CAN say “I don’t rightly remember…”. Bill and Matt were probably aware of it….

ORW, in his book stated…”My assistants would be dismayed to know that I consider Wayne Weldon to be the MOST valuable asset or member of my team….without him we would not have the….” That is a paraphrase, but it has been widely quoted and excerpted. SO, when Dean drove ORW to the presser that night in CH, WW was in KU packing his stuff and his “formulas”.

Word is…Butch Davis did NOT know about AFAM…but quickly found out (John Blake maybe…..but they were NOT close according to Butch). THEN the AFAM sort of went on steroids. Deborah really got handy at changing grades and helping Julius invent those cutesy titles for the non-existent courses.

You know the rest…

NOTE….They fired Jimmy V in 1990 and he died in April, 1993…so the ink was barely dry on Dean’s NEW Flim Flam when they buried Jimmy V.

There is also a LOT of skullduggery with PJ and the Cars and Fats and the Dentist and the Mouthguard stuff. That lost traction when Roy (actually Bubba…ORW did NOT know until the day they told him that PJ was Personna Non Grata…and that UNC was NOT going to sully their stellar reputation by protesting or appealing the decision). ORW was told and THEN they called PJ’s mom and told her…If they had taken a vote (ORW, Bubba and Ms. Blue Smurfette), then there would have been one FOR appealing and one AGAINST and the Blue Smurfette said…”What an NCAA Appeal….do I send them Blue Punch and Blue/White Oreo’s with it?”.

Really got me started….sorry for repeating the whole tale of The Great Unpleasantness…and there is SO MUCH MORE…

The above probably represents 40 hours of “discovery” for Mr. Wainstein ALONE….at $990 per hour…YOU do the math…