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VaWolf82 said…
“The key issue is how far back does the NCAA try to look and how far back is reliable info on fraud available? This issue will determine how far and wide the sanctions go.”

Dear NCAA….

Please start with 1992 (circa) or whenever Coach Dean Smith visited Kansas and was made aware of the advantages of an AFAM department. That would include all the tenure of AD John Swofford who was the liaison between the Faculty Senate and the ADMIN to establish and staff the UNC AFAM.

In addition, the years under Coach Roy Williams where he and his Chief Academic Advisor, Mr. Wayne Weldon, were involved require more thorough and comprehensive due diligence (do a DEEP DIVE in today’s business vernacular)… It is understood that Mr. Weldon refined the effectiveness of the AFAM Advantage (AFAMA) while in a similar position with Coach Williams at Kansas.

If you need additional information or if I can be of further assistance, do not hesitate to call.