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I put nothing past the Greensboro cabal. TJ could get Evtimov’d. I still to this day do not know how those bastages at the ACC could let that stand. Really, a misspelling costs Evtimov a position on the ALL ACC team?

So what’s to keep them from doing the same, or something equally ridiculous, this year? If you got idiot voters who don’t take the time to know the rules or learn the correct spelling of players names’, anything can happen.

Each of the below could be counted as a different player, thus a vote cast for one does not count for any other.

TJ Warren
T.J. Warren
Tony Warren
Tony Warren, Jr
Tony “T. J.” Warren, Jr.
Anthony Warren

and who knows, you could have some fool vote for

TJ Warren, Jr
Anthony Warren

Heck, one of those morons could write “Worren” or “Warrin”, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a “TJ Warrant” from that crowd.