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(NCSU, 1979) Now that I’ve finally weeded thru all the info ads about the Obama refinance options and can offer my biased comments: Its time for our Athletic Dept to have some balls (no pun intended) and make a vocal stand for NC STATE……. 20 plus years of hugging the bottom of the rum barrel (maybe that’s just me), but as mentioned above, TJ hasn’t been Player of the Week all year? Really? That’s frigging criminal. Its about frigging time that someone SCREAMS POY!!!! If the selection is dependent on the Team performance, rename the God Darn award. Do the “voters” have there names published? If he’s not listed as a #1 or #2 on every ballot, exclude a Press Pass to the frigging voter, he’s not an unbiased participant and he’s not going to be any help to NCSU athletic except in a negative manner because he probably received his journalism degree at UNCheat!!! Oh, wait, is Roy still laying on the friggin floor and still hasn’t been T’d…… what a fu king joke!!! Wheres the Rum …….