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I did not realize I had attacked you. Please show me what I said so I can apologize for it.

You said you are an alumnus? I have to admit I figured you were still at State given your seeming inability to argue without calling someone stupid.

I did not realize you were part of the team. I thought we as fans were discussing the game. My bad.

You and I cannot control the team so we should not bother about discussing them. That is the logical extension of your absurd argument.

His opinion is every bit as valid as yours and I would have thought more than mine given how much you hate my opinions. But it seems you just ignore anyone who disagrees with you.

These aren’t directed at me, but…

Wah wah,
Somebody dares to disagree with the great cowdog.

Either you or cow dog. It is so predictable.

Whatever. You win. The refs are awesome and State sucks.
That seems to be what you want.

I don’t feel like going back farther than a page in your post history.