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I’m surprised. More optimism here than I expected. Certainly more than I have.

I would love to see our guys get rewarded for a pretty good year.
We lost a whole team at the end of last year. Four of those guys are getting paid to play basketball this year. (and maybe five – I’m looking at you, UConn)

Very quick, simplistic comparisons – assuming we win out: (BIG assumption)

Overall regular season record: 22/9 versus 20/11
ACC record: 11/7 versus 10/8
Road wins: 3 ACC road, 2 neutral versus 4 ACC road, 2 OOC road
Scoring: 77.4 pts / 70.2 points allowed versus 70.9 pts / 69.5 allowed

The point being, this could have been a train wreck year – and it wasn’t.