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Quoting Packalum44 from the game thread:

I die a little bit inside each traumatic game I watch…This is the most painful loss I’ve experienced since RW and Tom lost us to Maryland for ACC title trip…Feelings suck.

Ditto. This was painful. Made more so by the abject failure to remotely defend their best player at crucial times. Can’t imagine how frustrated the coaches must be when they watched our guards get abused in crunch time. It’s like they’re feet are stuck in sand.

Of course, if we’d have won, Holes fans would be saying the same about not being able to defend TJ. He put on a clinic and schooled their whole squad multiple times. At about the 10 minute mark in the 2nd, before picking up his 4th with a frustration foul, he put the team on his shoulders, and picked up where he left off after coming back in. Best State player since Googs. Hope we get another year out of him but realize that’s not going to happen. Players like him are few and far between for the Pack.