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Good teams find a way to win, folks. 0-2 against unc last two years in football, 0-2 this year alone in basketball, and got knocked out of the CWS by unc. Thems is the #s. They don’t lie. I’m glad I don’t have kids to send to school clad in state gear. It’d be near child abuse. Cheaters or not they’re winners. State is not.

Did I mention good teams find a way to win? Just own the reality and stop complaing about some stupid conspiracy. It just makes this dismal pile of crap that is state athletic look even more like a joke. Complaining about the refs once or twice, fine. But not after every loss. So what if it is the refs? Stuff won’t change until state is the team the league needs to win. Worked for cuse, sans their game at duke. This is where we are. State sucks. It’s no one else’s fault.