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1.21 Jigawatts


You’ve missed the point completely. I’ve never said he hasn’t improved. What I’ve said from the beginning, remember the beginning was about next year and needing a vast improvement of freshman to sophomore the likes of which we’ve never seen and it was stated that TJ and Lewis had vast improvement. My rebuttal was they haven’t had a vast improvement and showed Warren’s tempo free stats from last year to this year as evidence. If you’re not familiar with Tempo Free Stats on an individual level then here’s a quick breakdown of them. Every player is judged on efficiency related to possessions and as such historically every player has a curve, this curve is efficiency vs possessions, and at some point the more possessions they have the less efficient they become. Last year Warren was highly efficient with fewer possessions, this year his efficiency has decreased due to a large increase in possessions. At some point between the possession rates of last year and this year his efficiency peaked and started to decline, as all players do. To further my point I suggested that maybe Gottfried screwed up in his evaluation of Warren’s talent level within the team vs Leslie’s and as such didn’t utilize Warren correctly last year, i.e. Gottfried backed the wrong horse. My point is and always has been that even though we may think we are seeing a vastly improved Warren (“eye test”, “common sense”, “Forest/trees”, “fruit salad”) that per his TFS (actual measurable facts) he already was good and now has been able to show it because he is thee focal point of the offense. Sure losing the weight likely improved his stamina on the court to allow longer minutes per game without sacrificing production but his yearly stats say he was already a great player and wasn’t utilized enough last year.