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… at least your consistent!

Thanks! I knew you’d approve of striving for the ‘least’.

1) If we’re so good, why could BC beat Syracuse and we can’t?

That’s funny. I never said we were good. I was simply comparing your own contradictory statements. In one statement, you wrote NC State sucks (“If you suck, you’re never getting the benefit of the doubt…”). When it was pointed out that statement wasn’t consistent with State’s record and overall performance, to date, you softened your position in your response (“That indicates we’re not very good “) to better position your original point, which you changed. I pointed out your inconsistency, ie, sucks <> not very good. I know your type hates it when your floating arguments and inconsistencies are pointed out, so I apologize.

2) Why are we ranked 81 on kenpom behind such powerhouses as Cleveland St, Iona, North Dakota

Ummm.. I venture to guess that’s because those teams have performed better (based on the kenpom ranking system) than NC State over the course of the season. If you support ranking a team based on it’s actual performances, to date (as I do), and not on potential, then kenpom makes a valid argument that those teams are indeed better than NC State.

3) Why do we consistently draw fewer fouls than EVERY SINGLE TEAM we play? I haven’t gone through every game, but I’d be willing to bet you could count on one hand the number of games we’ve had a higher FTR.

I’m not sure if that statement is true (every single team, really?), but I don’t want to take the time to look it up, so I’ll accept it. So the answer is, lots of reasons. I’m no basketball expert, but I know enough to know that a thorough and comprehensive answer to that question cannot be made in a sentence or two, if it can be made at all.

4) Is every single reffing crew biased against us personally?

Nope. I never claimed they were. No one here has. You’re resorting to hyperbole now. I thought you were better than that, or at least liked to pretend to be.

Only comment I made was that officials are biased. They are. I don’t think anyone here disagrees with that. In fact, my exact statement was “I call it biased officiating, at best. An official’s charge is to call the game he/she sees. Period.”

Don’t look now, but freaking Virginia is leading the ACC.

Yep, and that’s due to excellent coaching, in all regards. Maximizing the group effectiveness and performance by meshing individual and team talent with tactics and strategy.

It’s not fair, but seriously, good teams are going to get the benefit of the doubt.

Agreed. Doesn’t mean it should be accepted as correct. Accepted to the point that we, as fans, have no choice, but not accepted to a point of never referencing the fact that it happens.

That’s a good place to end. On agreement. All is rainbows and unicorns in Wolfpack land. 🙂