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We’re .500 in a weak league, have been blown out three times, and have no top 50 wins. That indicates we’re not very good by historical standards.

FT Rate for Jamie Luckie crews:
NCCU 95.7
NCSU 57.9

Pitt 44.4
NCSU 26.8

WFU 111.4
NCSU 56.4

FSU 46.4
NCSU 16.2

Clem 54.2
NCSU 30.4

Avg FTR NCSU all games: 35 <- BTW, we’re 13 in the conference for FTR
Avg FTR NCSU Luckie games: 37.54

Avg FTR opponents all games: 41.7 <- 14 in the conference
Avg FTR opponents Luckie games: 70.4