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I’m going to say something that is a bit inflammatory in ACC country. I don’t believe the ACC is the best baseball league. In fact, I’d put it third behind the Pac 12 and the SEC.

The reason that I say this is postseason play. We’ll send a ridiculous number to the post season, have 1 (and at most 2) make Omaha, but never take home any hardware. It’s hard to argue you are the best, when you can’t break through as a conference.

I hate to say it, but more than any other college sport, I see East coast (and specifically Southeast) bias in the baseball polls. I suspect that has to do with the fact that regular season games aren’t widely covered and the fact that at least one of the polls is in NC.

The Pac 12 is the league that I feel flies under the radar. They typically perform much stronger to seed and are all recruiting out of Arizona and California, which has big time high school baseball.

The ACC is honestly overrated every year. Yeah, we have a lot of top 25 teams, but I’ll believe that we have a #1 team when we take home a title. Until then, the ACC is a paper tiger.