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As a coach, MG is “good” but not “great.” He’s shown enough flexibility and salesmanship that I think he COULD grow into something more.

HWSNBN is a notch below at “pretty good” and his style clearly limited our ceiling as a program. He’s a better fit at someplace like Arizona State.

Les and Sid put the dumpster in “dumpster fire.”

After suffering through the HWSNBN death spiral and then FIVE freaking years of Sid…I am not eager to re-enter the coaching carousel until we see how things play out over at least 5 seasons of MG. And hell, 1 Final Four run in 10 years would have me dancing for joy. After all, we haven’t had once in 31 f-cking years. Nor an Elite Eight in 28.

We also need to put quite a bit of distance between the really damaging things DY said about NC State during the “pity party” stage of our last coaching search. I can move past it to credit the good she’s done as a leader, but I won’t ever forget that.