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^We all know what to expect Saturday 🙁

Anya – if he plays – fouls out in the first half after coming in for Vandy’s three quick first half fouls. Vandy gets his third as the refs notice that Anya is about to check in for him – so a quick, efficient whistle gets the job done.

Vandy comes back in and picks up his 4th before the half. Washington, who has taken over Richard Howell’s sacred tendencies, starts the game with two fouls before tip-off. Freeman comes in immediately following the tip-off. Freeman does his best not to breathe on McAdoo, Meeks, or Johnson – but still picks up three first half fouls.

Barber picks up three first half fouls for having the audacity to attempt to guard Paige. Lewis picks up two fouls ‘just because’. Dez Lee has four first half fouls where Kenny Britt and McDonald bowl him over with lowered shoulders – but we all know that’s a blocking foul if you don’t wear light blue. Turner knows better, and just lets his man drive or shoot at will.

The Holes shoot thirty-five first half free throws and lo-and-behold hit thirty of them. #NCStateSh*t. The second half goes much better as for fouls, because Gottfried and Lutz wisely tell all defenders to line up on the opponent’s baseline and ‘not move at all’ on defense. Still, there are ten more second half fouls called on the Pack – all of them shooting fouls. Vandenberg doesn’t foul out, but Freeman quickly does. We have to go small and let the Holes score at will in the post. Roy loves it. It’s ‘great basketball’. The crowd loves it. The refs love it.

The Holes wind up with 60 free throw attempts, hitting 45. McAdoo has 25 attempts. Quality viewing experience. Still, State battles hard and only loses by twenty-five, 90-65. Holes after the game talk about ‘buckling down’ and ‘making a move’ in the conference standings. ‘This is the type of basketball we’re able to play’. You don’t say. 🙁