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Wolves, I am a huge Cam fan for the man he is and his community efforts. Cam carried us to the cup back in 2006 and deserves his due. However, Cam has been injury prone and has struggled some when healthy. There are times he is unbeatable and has saved us numerous times, yet other times is a below average NHL goalie.

I would say 25% of the time Cam is on his head, 50% of the time a good NHL tender, and 25% of the time below average.

Now look at Khudobin – he is 2 years younger than Cam. We cannot afford to pay 2 goaltenders top dollar, but who has the better upside? Khudobin has been pretty steady and has had a few games standing on his head too. As much as I hate to say it because I really like Cam, from a business perspective I think Khudobin is the one to stay and we should try to see what kind of trade value we can get for Cam.