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… thanks guys…

Just trying to keep a “well balanced” perspective on this year’s Team and cut down on some of the random insanity that goes on around here sometimes…

and just for Rick…. by my count we won or tied seven out of ten of those four minute periods…

We had three bad periods 2,3 in the first where we basically went scoreless and the last 45 or so seconds in the first half where we had the ball down four and went into the locker room down nine…. IMHO… that last one is all on the Coaches, but nobody’s perfect and that was the only time tonight they weren’t ahead of the curve. Nevertheless, mistakes in the first half only count half as much as the same mistakes in the second half.

The Twerps got the first basket of the second half so that’s a seven point swing in about one minute… At that point… if we hadn’t scored… the game dynamics could have shifted irreversibly.

Instead we grabbed control of the situation and really never looked back. For the first time this season, we had three guys scoring when we needed three guys scoring (as opposed to three guys scoring when it really didn’t matter )– Anthony hit a few baskets driving hard to rim, Turner hit a few threes and our Bigs were cleaning up in the paint…. And we didn’t make but a couple stupid fouls or stupid turnovers… With that, the second half was all ours.

The roundball coaching book says if you do that consistently (win or tie 7 of 10 four minute periods) you should win 20 plus games every season….

Really it just a matter of taking a big job and breaking down into a bunch of little jobs… and playing the percentages.

In baseball…. they say if you do the little, everyday, ordinary things consistently right…over the course of the season… the big, highlight reel plays don’t really matter … you still get to go to the World Series.

And Bennett’s ‘Hoos spanked the Holes…. so all is well ….

Have a good one.

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