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You nailed it, however your geographical area is a LOT smaller. How about within 50 or so miles of the Cess Pool.

Supposedly one local writer and stand-up comedian and “green beans & chicken” circuit after dinner (lunch) speaker talked to the Kiwanis club in Hickory, NC. Now, being from Catawba county myself, Hickory was THE PLACE….compared to my 2000 population home city. It is 21st largest city in NC, ahead of Apex at 22….2010 census. NO ONE in the room knew who Jennifer Wiley (Thompson) was. Now was that an embellishment since The Charlotte Observer is published about 50 miles southeast. Hickory DOES have Lenoir Rhyne and boasts that Tricky Ricky Barnes hails from there, so it is not exactly in the boonies and it does have I-40 running through it and has produced the Jarret clan of NASCAR fame.

The NCAA has almost a BILLION ($1,000,000,000) of “reserves”. Most are invested at Vanguard and the portfolio is diverse with a large amount of “equity” funds. WHY do they need that much petty cash? What is the rainy day they are saving for?

If the NCAA comes down on UNC and the facts get out that Johnny Swofford was involved, then how will all the OTHER commissioners feel? Will they shun him and not let him play in any reindeer games?

Books will be written….white papers will be published…..but I doubt seriously, as you do, if anything resembling a wrist slap comes about.