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I completely agree that regardless of whatever circumstance is available to all programs that there is integrity and that Carolina has proven that they have none. Regardless of how long kids stay in school if the Universities want to tamper with grades to keep them eligible for play, it can be done. Carolina has been doing it for years obviously.

I know that “one and done” is not enforced by the NCAA and technically kids can go to Europe for a year if they would like vs going to college for a year. I just have a problem with bringing kids to college that have no intentions of graduating, nor does the University have belief that they will.

I’m pretty sure at this point the NCAA has all they need to put serious punishment on Carolina. But they haven’t. The NCAA knows Carolina is a “cash cow” and so does the ACC. Swofford is dodging the Hell out of this. When will big programs have to pay the price for these things? They just seem to come back stronger. Carolina still has 3 of the top 25 recruits in next year’s class. Why don’t they take away scholarships and make Carolina go through what we did in the early 90’s? I think we all know the an$wer…