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Alpha Wolf

^ White Boy Scott. BJD can probably explain the provenance of the nickname from last year.

I have to say that I am a bit taken aback at the negativity shown in the comments here towards Cat Barber. Anyone who expected a true freshman to not mistakes — especially at times when the rest of team is not doing a lot to help him out — makes me wonder. Hell, Corchiani made some blundersome errors his freshman year. One of them cost us a game at then-horrible Wake Forest. He learned and became a Wolfpack legend, and from my point of view, Cat Barber has every chance to do the same.

Given that he’s barely into conference season in his freshman year, I think he’s doing pretty well. At times he plays like a freshman and does silly things, but at others, he plays more like he’s at the end of his sophomore year. He sure as heck kept Notre Dame in check at the end of the game with his calm and accurate free throw tosses. Without them, we might be in a far different mood.

As for Tyler Lewis, he came out like he was on a mission, and it’s about time he showed that fire in his belly. He seemed to be pouting a lot and not giving full effort in a lot of games last month, and to see the old Tyler is a breath of fresh air.