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When you sit in the stands and watch the game you see differently, and when you stand on the sidelines and watch, you see another. Those of us sitting in the stands watching through a fans eyes don’t see what those watching through the coach’s eyes see. What was needed when THE SUBSTITUTION was made was steady play and not letting the Irish make a run. At the end what was needed was a different skill set. Mr. DOG, you gotta stop looking through a coach’s eyes.

When their center got the uncontested lay up near the end, the some State fans got upset. Here’s the deal. Time was winding down. We were guarding against trading 2 for 3. So we gave up an easy 2 and when they fouled, we got the easy 2 back.

I get a real laugh out of reading ‘why doesn’t the team do what I (the fan) think needs to be done?’