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Wife asked an interesting question about fouls. Here is a little analysis….you come to your own conclusions….

ND 21
Total 32

Last NCSU Foul – Barber – 3:03
Last REAL? ND Foul – Jackson – 3:43
First Intentional….and I really don’t think it was, but for the purposes of discussion, I will classify it HERE – ND Foul – Connaughton – 67 – 63 @ 1:44

If you include that then there were 6 (unless I miscounted) Intentional or Strategy or JV fouls…

Therefore, ND had a total of 15 “normal” fouls and NCSU had 11. Usually MUCH closer.

The Zeb’s are averaging 10% MORE FPG in 2013-14 than past seasons.
Eades 36.9
Anderson 40.4
Jones 39.4
Average 38.9 or call it 39 FPG.
Their Average Home Margin is a NEGATIVE 1.7. NOW, if I read the definitions correctly, a POSITIVE HM means they call MORE FOULS ON THE HOME TEAM.
SO, in theory or based on the popular TRENDING vernacular, we should have had about 2 fouls MORE than ND. All in all, this game was, statistically speaking, is on the FRINGE of their normal distribution.
The AVERAGE FSTD (Foul Standard Deviation) for the crew is 8.0….so this game was on the low side… far….you decide….my brain is fried.

Other comments for pleasure….

As MUCH as I have learned to HATE the This is OUR STATE logo, I brought home to cups from the Ladies Cuse Game. Just for luck and a memento. I did NOT realize they were the OUR STATE cups. Washed them and threw them in the cabinet. Last night I felt inclined to write VICTORY on each and we had a celebratory night cap. Good win for both.
The announcers (GRRR) made such a big deal of the weight loss that I think the team should be the spokesperson(s) for a National Diet Company….The Wolfpack Way to VICTORY could be a slogan. Or our team nutritious should write a book on the same diet. Both or either could generate valuable revenue for the AD…..

It would seem that Gott and Lewis perhaps had a little behind closed door session….and the results seem pretty positive….