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Enjoyable game with many positives. In particular, I loved the 3/4 court pressure. I cannot recall a time Gott has pulled that out before early in a game. Am I forgetting another game he has done that?

Also, it was great to see the entire 9 man rotation contribute to the win. I liked Gott’s substituting and distribution of minutes in this game. If we can just bring this kind of team effort to each game, we have a shot at a nice season.

The main thing I’d like to see more of is low post offense. It seems our team almost never feeds a post player other than on the high post or an alley oop. Washington and Freeman have had some success shooting/attacking from the high post, which is great, but I don’t understand why we aren’t at least occasionally trying some low post offense.

I was also thinking it might have helped shake Warren loose a bit to play him at the 4 a bit last night, and let him be the guy flashing to the high post rather than Freeman/Washington.