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Prior to the game I was thinking about which team I wanted to win. I absolutely would pull for anyone against FSU, even the Soviet Red Army, but I really can’t stomach Auburn either. My first thought was that an FSU win, coupled with Clemmons’ win over THE Ohio State jackasses, might bring the ACC a bit more respect in the world of college football. But, has it really? Will it? FSU and Clemmons might get more respect, but I doubt that the conference will. To SEC and Big10 fans these two wins mean little in terms of conference strength. To them, FSU and CU are the only two programs in the ACC that are worthy of mention in college football discussions. The rest of the conference is mediocre at best in their eyes. (However, the Big10 is no juggernaut without Ohio State and, say, Michigan.) Until the ACC can develop some perennially strong programs out side of FSU and CU, it will always be viewed as a basketball conference, first and foremost. Sadly, until we have 6-7 recurring strong programs, the ACC will be the Rodney Dangerfield of BCS conferences.