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Lewis acquitted himself last year fairly well in sparing play, and when forced into action when Brown went down. He did so because he had four guys around him that could score the basketball at anytime. Other teams also tried to pressure him, a mistake, because ball handling and passing are his strengths. Penetrating, shooting, and defense are weaknesses.

This year’s a different story. Aside from Buckets, we struggle to score in the half-court. Lewis doesn’t have the luxury of running set plays and distributing the ball. We actually need someone to create, find the gaps in a zone, or breakdown man defenders. HE CANNOT DO IT against your typical ACC guard. Not yet at least. Wish the kid all the luck and success in the world, and I hope it’s for two more years in red and white, but his high school accolades and AAU time was much overblown. Having bumped into him at the grocery store, he’s very, very, small, and isn’t particularly quick or fast. Without a great jumpshot to keep defenders honest, people have figured out you can just back off him, and he’s not going to beat you off the dribble.