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The funny thing is, outside of Zo, Tyler is better than any PG we’ve had since Atsur, and IMO has a much higher ceiling considering Atsur shot 3s and passed the ball in weave/heave system…put it this way, no team with serious ambitions was jealous of Atsur.

Tyler is a good PG who just happened to have bad luck b/c Gott signed an athletic freak of nature. Cat is only here 2 years at most. I think he could be an NBA pick after this year b/c his upside screams NBA All Star. He’s a steal in the 2nd round if teams are silly enough to let him slip that far. His ball handling and quickness can’t be taught. Gott told me he’s better than Mo Williams who’s made over 100 million so far.

Anyway I agree Tyler transfers but he’s silly to do so b/c he’s the starter his senior year at State with what could be a talented and deep team. If he leaves we are screwed we have no other PGs. Lacey is a 2 guard and Des is a backup 2 guard next year or inserted at 3 for small ball line up.

Seems we will be perpetually understaffed with Gott, though I can’t complain b/c at least he gets pro talent signed. We have 1 alum in NBA right now. Sad.