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I agree with everyone on board here so far…. really wish the best for Tyler in RED.

But… here’s what really bothering me….

last year the ‘head cases’ were CJ and Lo
two years before that… I think… was Ryan Harrow’s last season.

over on the Hill … Uncle Roy has had LittleMac, PJ, LDII and the Ware bros and a few others in recent years….

over in Durham… according to my friends from Duke….Coach K sacrificed a shot at a National Championship a couple seasons ago by starting a known one-and-doner (who had been sitting for months due to a toe injury ) in the Championship game and totally blew his Senior leader and the backbone of that year’s team Nolan Smith OFF… if the freshman sits and Smith plays well in that game — Duke gets the rings.

over in Winston… our 6’11” local HS superstar of a few years back — who everybody said was automatic to the NBA — matriculated. He stayed up there five years, got kicked off the team a couple of times after the coaching change and is now back in town playing on the blacktop, I think.

so Tyler does whatever Tyler is going to do after the end of the season….

As SF alluded…. you heard it here first… NUMBER ONE on next season’s Head Case Watchlist is Mr. Cat… who ain’t going to like being “challenged” by Mr. Lacey.

The point is…. I’m turning into a Head Case because all these other Head Cases are keeping me from watching the quality of basketball I have become accustomed to enjoying for the last fifty plus years…. and there is no sign that anything is going to change for the better.

And if the truth were told, I’m not the only one here at SFN who thinks and feels that way.

There just ain’t a whole lot of “Tobacco” on Tobacco Road anymore.

#NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!