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This was commented on the main page. BUT, if you want to read an interesting take, from a UNC Grad who was a BB Manager back in the late 60’s or maybe early 70’s and is fairly well connected within the UNC organization and is on a first name basis with Bubba and many other ACC AD’s, then go here.

BobLeeSays is the “avatar” name for someone who has been opining on the Internet for 15 plus years. He has an alter ego named AgentPierce. His disdain at the Butcher’s hiring was well known throughout the UNC Kingdom. In addition, he is a personal and social friend of the Ex Chancellor Holden Thorp. He said that he had a few one-on-one conversations and expressed his concerns and that the situation played out as he expected, unfortunately.

His column is comic…and I love the wit and humor of NCSU68Grad….one might say we too, are of a LIKE mind.

Everytime I read a piece about this MESS, Hotel Carolina (as in the Eagles Hotel California) pops in my mind…thanks to my wife showing me the “common” themes of each one…

WHAT I will add is that NOTHING is going to be done about….Those of you that bother to read my sometimes prolific posts will recall that the NCAA has a “RESERVE FUND” of almost ONE BILLION DOLLARS. That’s right, 9 zeros. ONE does have to wonder WHY a Non-Profit ORG would have such a booty. Perhaps to pay the prolific salaries of the Czars. Perhaps to hire the Athletes that forget that STUDENT was part of their title. Perhaps to protect itself in a Lawsuit for concussion, advertising royalties or a HOST of OTHER things that the “athletes” seem to give up for a Scholly.

One DOES wonder if that $1,000,000,000 Booty’s earnings could be handed out as a stipend for the REVENUE sports scholly’s….OPPS….the transgender varsity tiddlywinks team members would want a comparable share to Jameius Winston or (fill in the blank).

NOTHING, I fear, will be done. Congress tried to wade in on the PSU PHEW! They found it was NOT headlines or soundbites to improve their reelection chances….something about “Don’t you have HIGHER Priorities”.

Personally, I would endorse ANY member that did that…just to put some heat on them.

Thanks for reading….Stay warm and drink responsibly, my friend(s)