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I was really, really hoping that we might wait until the end of the season to start this thread….
It’s not that this topic is not of legitimate concern… for it most certainly is.

It’s that this Sh%t is contagious…..

Remember a couple weeks and games ago… when the VANDWAGON was rolling at full steam???
How many times during those couple of weeks did somebody comment that Tyler was Vandy’s new best friend on the court and how they both helped each other??

Ya’ll can fill in the rest of the blanks on that on your own.

Just suffice it to say… that….

This same Sh%t is going on in most every Major D1 bball program across the country… one might suggest the “bigger” the program the worse the Sh%t is….

da ‘Ville

and others… they all got the same Sh%t… and the Sh$t ain’t going away…

because this is what Coaching is all about these days… it certainly ain’t Xs && Os….

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