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Post-game presser be damned. It will take nothing but winning to change my opinion of Mark Gottfried. So far, he took great recruiting classes by Lowe to the NCAAT, but could not control the personality of the team. Granted, that is MUCH MUCH MUCH better than Lowe ever did, but then Gottfried follows it up with this product. All eyes on the head coach now. He has no excuses, yet seems to always find one. Once he actually out-coaches a Roy Williams or a Mike Kysdfsycysdofysdoyszda, I will start to believe. Fact is, I don’t think that is ever coming. Best to hope for now is that he brings the program back to at least a winning record [see Lowe] with great recruits [see Sendek] to at least make the job here more intriguing to his successor.