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Follow these and you can do your own analysis.

34 fouls called. There is no breakdown on the number per half but is was well below average. They “caught up” in the second half.

Our Pitt v. State Zeb’s called 12% LESS than their average of 38.4. Since their averages are based on functioning as a member of random teams, I personally don’t know how much to read into this….but when it drops down to less than 30 fouls, then, IMO, the game was not called as stringent. Now, having said that, their catch-up flurry was quick and uniform. They called 3 (memory) quick ones on Pitt on one possession. Then, did almost the same to us the very next time down the court.

If you take the “crown jewel” team of Dorsey, Natili and Hess (of Googs/Corch fame), their average is 39.8 FPG. My “intuitive” analysis and recollection of looking at various Zebs, including the above and Teddy TV Valentine, several times this year is that the Zebs are actually calling LESS fouls as the season progresses. Have they changed their tendencies? Have the players adjusted? Is Johnny Swofford whispering LESS in their earpieces from the ACC “COMMAND CENTER”? I haven’t a clue, but if you did some charting or statistical analysis of the fouls per game and control charted it, it is definitely trending down and is not within 3 Sigma Control Limits. I suspect it started high and now we have a trend down. It will settle in, maybe Mid February and then stay level.

Here are you links….

Jamie Luckie – 36.8 FPG 2013-14

Bryan Kersey – 38.8 FPG

Sean Hull – 39.5 FPG

Have fun….let us know what you find out and what your conclusions are.