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I roomed with some SEC guys for several years while Gottfried was at Bama’ and watched a good bit of SEC basketball during that time. This is about par for the course for what you can expect from his teams. Rarely will he blow anybody out, so never get excited after a quick surge (see start of today’s game). His teams simply don’t defend well enough to separate themselves from efficient teams, his teams also tend to have sloppy, unforced errors, lapses in focus, and there are questionable substitution patterns. Notice I didn’t criticize the offense. When the ball goes in, which is what he excels at, then it masks some of his defensive weaknesses. Also note that I think he’s an above average coach.

But I laughed when some fairly outspoken folks on here talked about how last year’s lineups had weaknesses, were overrated, didn’t have the parts to play better defense. Once he recruits his own players, develops them, and roots out the knuckle heads, we’ll really get a good idea of how good a coach he is. Cough.

Gottfried tolerates too much crap in my opinion. Same with this team. 18-22 year old kids learn fundamentals and how to play the “right way” by working their rears off in practice, by coaches reinforcing the proper way to play by rewarding players who practice and play the “right way.” When you don’t, you don’t play. Or you get jerked and sit your ass on the pine. Yes, what we saw today is a little about youth, but it’s also a lot about coaching.