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Wufpacker, are you sure this is the season for you to quit your glue-sniffing? You might want to wait until football or basketball are on more sure footing.

I love reading. And I am a slooooow reader. One gripe with college and post- was there was so much reading, I couldn’t read it all and get anything out of it. I like to take my time and really soak it in. Over the past several years, I’ve tried to go back and read some of the classics. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed The Leatherstocking Tales, having gotten through Deerslayer, Last of the Mohicans, and Pathfinder. A lot of people over here have read them and count them as some of their favorite childhood books. Something also inspired me to read A Tale of Two Cities. The only Dickens I had read before was my annual reading of A Christmas Carol and Great Expectations in high school that I barely remember. What a fantastic author, though. He rarely says anything direct, rather giving such great description as to allow you to see everything happening both internally and externally in relation to the characters. I think I’d rather read Dickens describe paint drying than some other stuff that’s out there.

With that, I also don’t really do NY resolutions, but last year I made a goal to read 15 books a year. Probably a pretty light goal for most, but as I said, I am a slooooow reader. My problem was organizing when to read what. I wanted to read more entertaining things (fiction) as well as things that would help stimulate me intellectually (I enjoy things about philosophy and faith). Plus I had a magazine subscription I enjoyed reading. So, I created a reading plan: alternate reading my magazine and the “intellectual” books at breakfast. Before bed and on Saturday breakfast, read the more entertaining book. It’s really helped me be productive in my reading. Just a suggestion for anyone who wants to read, but is undisciplined like me.