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I did not realize UNC-G has such a strong RPI, so that loss isn’t as bad as I thought when I first posted about it. Bottom line, we have one more loss and the worst loss.

I’ll have to disagree with you there about that point being the “bottom line”, especially seeing as your original post doesn’t even try to balance your point about losses with the fact that we have more wins against top #10/top #25 than the team in question. AND we BEAT them on their own court.

I don’t need to balance it. We have RPI and quadrants to do that for us. RPI math says UNC is #10 and State is #62 through Saturday’s games. The quadrant breakdowns show UNC has the same quadrant 1 record, and a better record in the rest.

We beat them, and that was a great accomplishment, as were our wins over Duke and Arizona. UNC can’t match those 3 wins, but their resume is better at everything else by a margin large enough to more than offset when it comes to judging NCAA tournament worthiness.

That said, I’ll take State’s resume over UNC’s any day, since it includes the win at UNC. And I expect State to make the NCAA tournament now, which is an unexpected surprise compared to expectations entering the season.