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This my formal apology for being on the “Archie + Wichita State” team. 3 wins against top 10 teams was an impossible expectation for this team. I would have bet the house against this success, just another reason why I don’t gamble. Congratulations to this team and coach. Go Pack!

Al: I was on the Archie #1, but liked Keatts way more than any of the other names in play. I felt like we were locked in with Leatts early and I liked that we used our early position to get our coach within 24 hours of his tournament run being over. The fact that we did it before Archie was out was a clear indication it wasn’t Archie. I was mad for 15 minutes that it wasn’t Archie, but then was very happy it was Keatts.

Archie is doing well at IU. I think he is a great coach. I think we got a coach that fit the style of play that our fans want to see. Deep down I knew then (and I still feel) that we probably hired the best match for what we needed.

There a few mods who stomped their feet away from the site because of this hire. They know who they are and why.