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Excessive dribbling was a problem..
Miami Rained successful 3’s…
A Freeman didn’t start, wasn’t fazed by it and still chunked up the shots….
M. Johnson had a tough day all around..
Y7 is becoming a factor stud…wish we had him another year!
Amazing we were even in contention in the last minute of the game!! Miami always seems to eat our cookies!!

Good post by Zingo. I’d add a few things:
– The team looks better playing four around one with Yurt and Nard as the “One” and Dorn playing the four. I know some of our fans are hard on Dorn, but he gives us much more night in and night out than Abu does at this point. Granted, Abu picked up two quick fouls last night and was really out of the flow of the game.
– We managed to “hurry up” Miami. They do like to score more this year than in many years past, but during our first half run we pushed them into a slightly manic state. I think that’s the type of thing we’re looking to do night in and night out against most teams.
– Larranaga is a good coach. They won on the road despite some adversity. Miami plays great half court defense.
– Our 3 point and help defense is what we seemingly need to focus on the most.