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Don’t we want Duke and Clemson to keep winning as it helps our RPI?

If you’re thinking that we should pull for Duke/Clemson because State beat them, then that line of reasoning isn’t accurate. The results of the game against State are removed from the record when calculating your opponents’ winning percentage. So the results of the game have no impact on the opponents’ winning percentage portion of the RPI calculation.

Let’s suppose that State has WF and UNC at home in the same week. If State goes 1-1, there would be little difference in RPI ranking no matter which team State beat.

In ACC play, alot of the games are zero sum. When someone wins, then someone else lost…and we play the loser as well. Where it would make a difference is when one of State’s H/A opponents plays one of the 10 teams that State only plays once. In this instance, it would be slightly better for State’s H/A opponent to win.

So except for Highstick (and anyone else who despises Clemson), we want Clemson to win as much possible and we’re free to cheer whenever Duke loses.