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As one who’s favorite dish, bar none, is Shrimp & grits, and I have spent a great deal of time in Charleston (was stationed there in the Navy), I’ve tried just about all of the incarnations of said crustacean and corn purveyed in the Holy City (local jargon for the city of Charleston). Some better than others of course.

At almost 64 I’ve had many years of travel to taste that dish in many a place, and in most places I eat that have it on the menu I’ll try it. To my surprise the shrimp & grits at the Washington Duke Inn topped them all. The other surprise that happened on our first visit there was my wife claiming the chicken breast she ordered had a sauce that made it the best she had ever had. Add to it outstanding service and it’s a recipe for a top notch dinning out experience.

Husk does it pretty darned good, but you don’t have to travel 4 hours to get what I think is the top of the heap for that dish.

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