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What I find hilarious is you fault TOB for the Wilson situation. Don’t get me wrong TOB needed to go and was glad when he left. Wilson did himself no favors by not coming to spring practice so he could play baseball. TOB told him that if he still wanted to play football then he would have to fight for the job. Wilson couldn’t make up his mind to continue playing football. When he started to suck in baseball he figured he could just return to NCSU and his posistion would held open for him. That’s why TOB told him he would have to compete for the position. If he knows he is better than Glennon he shouldn’t have been all worked up over having to compete. TOB was loyal to the program and not Wilson. Wilson said screw it and left. Say what you want about TOB but he wasn’t going to let some kid run the show. I don’t blame him one bit for that.