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I don’t know our budget situation well, but also wonder to what extend the Gottfriend buyout hogties Yow’s hands in terms of salary flexibility. I know we went relatively cheap on KK base to start, but it’s my understanding we’re still paying Gottfried. Are we impacted by that bad hire?

Not only was it a bad hire, which some of us were pretty vocal about, it was a god awful contract renewal. Gott wasn’t leaving for UCLA, and we threw a king’s ransom in guaranteed money at him. This smells like a very similar situation, for very similar results, with some of the same parties…………..

If DD did walk, it’d show me that Yow had learned something. If we hear him back with more base (less incentives based) and more buy out, then I would argue that it is time for her to go (and I like her). I hate to say it, but it is looking like lose/lose for the AD.