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If DD takes the Tenn job, so be it. Not saying I want him to leave, just saying if he’s blinded by the money offer over the reality of the expectations there, then good luck. Personally I think the Vol fans would scream if DD is announced as the new HC. It has been interesting watch another school play out a Lee Foulup caliber coaching search. More popcorn pleeze.

That’s kind of how I see it. If he leaves, he leaves. The sun will rise tomorrow. If he stays, then great. I hope he can build off of things and improve what needs improving (defensive scheme, special teams, red zone offense and media relations).

If he doesn’t like the fans and media treatment at NC State, then he’s going to have a very rude awakening at a place like Tennessee (if they were to actually hire him). They expect to win, and win yesterday. They’ve won a title, have 100k in the stadium every week, etc.. If he shows up in week 1 and calls out the fans, or goes 0-8 in season one like Butch did, he’ll be gone. It doesn’t matter what he inherited.

The good news would be though that they’d have the resources and willingness to win that we clearly don’t have. They also have some recruiting advantages. He’ll seemingly get paid more too. Maybe that grass is greener?

Earlier in the thread someone asked how BC fared after TOB left. The answer was better. They were fine right up until the AD and the coach had an ego fight and the AD got trigger happy. He then put in place a doormat, and things took a predictable turn.

The issue with HWSNBN and NC State was the hiring of Lowe. Had we hired better (e.g. Sean Miller), we’d have been fine. There was a lot to work off there, just like DD will leave a lot to work off of. I have more faith in Yow than I ever did in Lee.