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1972 — If we knew then what we know now…

We’d all be in jail or worse, maybe President…

There’s poetry in sports, especially on the gridiron and today we’ll find out whether this football season ends as a
— Greek Tragedy
— Divine Comedy
— Paradise Lost
— Blank Verse
— Moral Epic
— Carpe Diem

I’m thinking if we come out strong on both sides of the line, get up a couple of TDs, we’ll smite them with the sword and vanish our enemies in an absolute defeat and cleanse ourselves of the taint of this season’s WhatIFs?? and WouldaShouldaCouldas!! and silence the lambs…

If not, we’ll probably need a couple of fields goals to claim the moral victory….

The underlying theme today may well be…

“When you’ve got nothing to lose, you risk everything….
and when you’ve got everything to lose, you risk nothing…

We shall see…

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