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Always appreciate your insight and posts. Thanks for taking the time.

We’ve been burned so often and have become so jaded, cynical, and pessimistic, that I think it on occasion clouds our opinions. It became popular over time to criticize Yow for everything without knowing a lot of the information. State isn’t what it once was, so whatever we may think of the school or the revenue coaching positions, the fact is these will need to be built from the ground-up. The foundation has long since been destroyed. Having accomplished, well-paid P5 coaches salivating at the prospect of being our coach is pure fantasy. Dave Doeren was the right hire, and I believe Kevin Keatts is the right hire. I also believe Shaka would have been the right hire if he hadn’t reversed his decision.

I have complained for years about the Pack and the boneheaded decisions. But some good things are happening here. For the first time since the 1980s, I can see the potential for Top 25 football and men’s basketball programs in the near future. Yow deserves some credit for this, along with the vast improvements in other non-revenue sports and the Reynolds renovations (despite the costs, this is a celebration of NC State athletics and its history and further embraces a winning culture). Baby steps these may all seem, but I am as reasonably positive today about State athletics as I have been since the V/Sheridan days. Call me delusional 🙂