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You boys (not very PC of me) are hyperventilating….

OK…First UP.

Please post your LIST that the Consultant gave us….so we can drool over the top 15 that AD Yow decided NOT to pursue.

FACTIOD…get REAL. The NCAA has all sorts of “rules”….like you can cater a $500 per person bash for a player or recruit at YOUR house, but you can’t provide transportation and you can’t buy him a big Mac, even if he meets you at the Mall.

OK…so much for the logic of the NCAA rules….and, if you are having difficulty without MORE caffeine following this….read ON.

The “Consultant” is what levels the Playing Field when it comes to seeking out coaches. The Consultants are an “Arms Length” transaction NOT in violation of the NCAA rules about AD’s contacting Coaches without FIRST notifying the Coach’s school that they MIGHT be interested in hiring said big time coach away.

The Consultant works in the murky world of the agents. The agents (like lawyers…client privilege) can chit chat with their clients and their clients can tell them about schools that MIGHT or ARE interested in them. The Client can tell the Agent WHICH schools (if he wants to be on the block) that he would consider….

The Consultant is FREE (no NCAA violation) to talk to the Agent(s) and then put together a LIST of potential Clients. GOT THAT? I can provide a flow chart if needed…

NOW…. If that does NOT answer the original question, let me try it again. If Archie and Marshall (or OTHERS) told their Agents NO….not even MAYBE, then THEIR names would NOT be on the LIST. Next up. The Consultant can then, if we persist, go back to the Agent…and can make ANOTHER pitch….

Yow knew that things were going SOUTH mid season. She had a LIST of her own with Rankings. Since you guys KNOW that Archie was “just waiting and salivating and bidding his time at Dayton for us to call”….then SHE obviously got the word.

BUT, if Arch’s Agent said NO or if John said NO or is Sean said NO or the family dog said NO due to HB2, then that KILLED that.

NO, I can NOT tell you WHO (if any) of the P5 Big Time Coaches or the NEXT Tier or the Next lower Tier was on the list.

All I can tell you with certainty is that IF there were ANY P5 coaches (or others) that WERE interested in coming to NCSU, that this is the ONLY (Ethical…is a stretch…but “Accepted and PROVEN method) of judging their interest.

As to the MONEY. Yow DID MESS UP. She THOUGHT….based on 4 years of NCAA appearances that GOTT had turned the corner and that he WOULD be lured away (he can EASILY BE LURED….!!). So, she bumped him…

NOW…before you get your red NCUS shorts (or G Strings) in a wad…she only UPPED his Guaranteed (Buy Out) by $10 K…but she DID add TWO years. Ever buy a “Sure Thing” stock that all the analysts were touting and have it GO SOUTH…I have…don’t do it as often now…but it happens.

The $2.2 is a little of a surprise….but until I see the FULL details (the Guaranteed vs the Supplemental and the Incentives) and THEN compare that to Gottfried’s contract….it is a bit premature to comment.