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Well nobody knows 100%, but it’s been reported by multiple sources that Sean was telling Arch not to take the job apparently because he “may someday” be the UNC coach.

That in no way addresses my second point. How do you get from Miller to Keatts?

It’s not like that’s a big drop there. Arch has been a HC for 3 more years than Keatts. 2 more NCAA appearances. 2 less conference championships. Keatts was the more accomplished P5 assistant. Keatts has a TON more HC experience because of his time at Hargrave, which isn’t college but it’s a bit above high school and gets you a lot more contacts that will help later, since you have so many high profile players.

Also, Arch took over a fairly successful program at Dayton…they were NIT the year before and won the NIT the year before that. Wade took over a successful VCU program. Keatts took over a dumpster fire that had won 10,10, and then 9 games the year before he started. He immediately turned them into a winner.

Look at the universal acclaim we are getting for this hire. And let’s face it: NONE of them were slam dunks. The only one of those that was feasible was Marshall, and he wasn’t coming. With any mid-major like these guys, it’s 50/50 whether they can get it done at the P5 level. Keatts has a good a resume, and as good a chance as any of them.

And I agree…the Miller family can suck it. Arch was absolutely reached out to, and declined. Multiple insiders and national folks have been telling us the entire time that Arch wasn’t coming and nobody wanted to believe it….it was true.

Welcome, Coach Keatts. Hoping for the best.