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The ACC will likely get 8 teams in: UNC, Louisville, Duke, UVA, FSU, Miami, VT and Notre Dame. If there is a 9th ACC team, it would be either Syracuse or GT. With their coach and zone defense, plus playing in Brooklyn, don’t count the Orange out, especially after last season.

Despite last night’s results, I still think UNC is the league’s best team and Miami is the league’s most underrated team, while Duke and FSU are the ACC’s most overrated teams. Duke’s great only if the 3s are falling; FSU can’t shoot outside the paint. The only ACC team that I expect in the FF is Louisville unless UNC gets an easy road.

A major help to the ACC’s large representation in this season’s NCAAT will be the B1G. That league is a mess, and the ACC should get more teams in than the B1G and the SEC combined.

Bill Walton’s “Conference of Champions” to me is the strongest league at the top, with 3 teams having a legit shot at the FF. The Big XII has the nation’s best team in KU plus 2 other teams that could end up in Phoenix as well. Not so anyone else.

There is simply way too much talk about how great the ACC is this season. I think Louisville, UNC and UVA will be Sweet, but it’ll quickly go sour shortly after that for Swofford’s new and improved ACC.