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I predict your predictions are correct. A confirmation of the great oracle as it were.
I see this situation in a totally positive light…like the planets beginning to align for us.
Moving forward…
We clean house of the Gottfried regime (something that should have been done earlier, but now is better than later)
We bring in (i.e. pay the man!) a star HC named Archie Miller; an alumni who is loved by the fan base; is a great recruiter; and is passionate about his Alma mater and players (i.e. does not insult them…at least publicly),
We give HC significant control of the AD selection process moving beyond 2020,
We maintain the talent level on the team by convincing some to stay or to recruit hard early and fill the gaps

Even if the above doesn’t fall into place exactly, we will now be in a better position next season than we would have with no change.