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Any truth to the rumor that an NCSU BIG DONOR has endowed a Mental Health wing at Rex?

Could it be that he vacillated between funding Gottfried’s departure or providing mental health counseling to the disconsolate and long suffering NCSU Fans?

Perhaps it should have been located on the UNC CH Campus for the UNC fans that are grappling with the issues of “The Great Unpleasantness” or “How to AFAM your way to a National Championship…”

Weird night in the ACC….teams that are Ken Pom underdogs are handing it to their opponents…

The mental health of State people, CHASS majors excluded, would have to be fairly strong. The patience of Job but with the movie theater antics of Paul Rubens in combination, State people get nothing in return. I’d say the long term effects of dealing with the dummies running the show in Raleigh make most of you losers the equivalent of the few Germans that survived Stalingrad, a real bunch of stalwarts that have been suffering in the long term.

Suffering is the elixir of life, drink deeply and long.