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Greywolf wrote:
If it were my position to select the next coach and it’s obviously not, I would search out and find a coach who as a player played hard-nosed defense.

I agree with your comments on character, but not so much with this requirement.

Senior moment, brain fart. Of course you are correct. The coach needs a history of coaching defense or hiring an assistant who coaches good defense. Not playing good defense is an excellent way to lose by 20 to 50 points — or so it seems this season.

I think of it this way. Baskets that are a result of defense are 4 to 6 point baskets — 2 or 3 points denied plus 2 or 3 points gained. Baskets scored on offense are 2 and 3 point baskets. Looking at it this way makes it real easy to see why playing good defense wins games.