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I think we are confusing talent with scoring ability. We, both Gottfried and us fans, think because we have a bunch of players who can score that we have the makings for a good basketball team. I have no stats, evidence or any such proof for what I am about to say but here goes: The talented players with the character to play good defense are being picked over by the Dukes, Holes and other teams with the reputation muscle to recruit just about anybody they want. The next level of teams are recruiting players with slightly less talent but with the character to play defense.

Our record is not embarrassing to me, but our lack of work ethic as identified by effort and willingness and maybe desire to do the dirty work on the court. I don’t have the stomach to watch but I read about failure to block out, hustle back on defense, letting the opps have open shots, etc., that indicates lack of work ethic.

I don’t know if Archie would excel here — I’m not interested in success, interested in returning to the excellence of the Everett Case days. If it were my position to select the next coach and it’s obviously not, I would search out and find a coach who as a player played hard-nosed defense. One who still had the burns on his legs and body from diving after loose balls, one who had assistant coaches whose bodies were grooved and scarred from boxing out.

From what I’ve heard our past 2 coaches have somewhat lacked in character. Let’s not make that mistake again. Kids with character are not going to come play for a coach who does not have character. And it takes character to give up your body for the team. Players with character find ways to win or bust their arses trying.

Our other revenue coach isn’t very smooth with the media and doesn’t always make good side line decisions but he has character and he attracts recruits with character. Those recruits may not have the “stars” we all want but they have the character to do what it takes to develop their bodies and skill sets to be “stars” type players. I’m betting we start to attract the “stars” recruits with character who will continue to become better players through hard work.

I don’t mean to get on a football rant which I can do but intil we hire a basketball coach with character and work ethic himself, we are fools to expect anything but what we are getting. There are exceptions such as Ole Roy but Coach K has character and work ethic. He was a friend to Coach V when befriending “V” wasn’t popular. “K” has won my respect even if I hate Duke. Hasn’t happened at the Dump on the Hump.

And if we do hire a coach with character, it isn’t going to turn around in 3 or 4 seasons for sure. It’s not likely to really turn in 5 or 6 seasons but we will see a different NC State team on the court. I don’t think we will be embarrassed as we have been with Gottfried. I expect we will see “character” wins like our last 2 football games. No folding the tent because circumstances are breaking bad.

Let’s start with integrity whoever the coach is and build from there. NC State deserves no less. There may be some here who don’t care about respect and character and who would do things the Carowhiner Way if it meant winning. I’m not in that camp and hope I die before I get senile enough to get there.