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Gott had a lot of baggage on and off the court when we hired him. A tiger doesn’t change its stripes. Given Yow’s known him since he was 18, she had to have known. Previous transgressions had to have been discussed minimally as part of the hiring process.

I’d guess he’s been as he’s been the entire time he was here (thus the divorce). The fact that people care now is because we’re not winning. Win big and no one cares what you do in your personal life, unless you use school resources to do so in a way that is so blatant that the administration had no choice (see Petrino at Arkansas). I personally do not care unless it’s illegal. The rumors are probably flying now because people want to “get right” with a decision that must be made. It’s stupid — the decision should be about performance and this is the 4th year under Gott we’ve clearly under performed. That alone should be enough for a pink slip, regardless of other “noise.” Now if it makes the buy out cheaper, then that’s just the politics that come with big $$$$.

I personally believe that Lowe’s firing was know at least a week before the actual announcement. The other site (which often times directly reflects the “position” of the AD) had a front page article posted that said as much with about that timing. I didn’t think Sid was a good coach, thought he was a horrible program steward and felt like it was time for it to end, but he was one of us and I felt deserved respect. When I called them on it, they made up some garbage excuse like it was just linked content that they couldn’t control, but then it was taken down within a couple of hours. They knew.